Compete to promote your business

Pitch for Pop UP

Compete for a free space in Marshall Square Mall

Vision for Entrepreneurs is hosting Pitch for the Pop-Up which is a one of a kind pitch competition
Student entrepreneurs will be competing to use the Pop-Up Shop in Marshall Square Mall to sell product, promote or work on their business,

or any other creative way they can think of. One of the unique things about the event is that the companies will be judged by the audience,
the audience will be ranking and essentially picking the companies that get to use this space.
The event will be help Monday, April 25th at 7:30pm in the Blackstone Launchpad.

How to Apply?
It’s simple. Submit a 90-second video that answers these questions:

-So what? (What is your company? What gap is it filling? What opportunity are you taking advantage of?)
-Who cares? (Who are you selling to? Why will they buy it? Where are they?)
-Why you? (What makes YOU the most capable person/team to run this business? Tell us about you and your team!)
-How long would you use the PopUp Shop?
-How would you use the PopUp Shop space?

-Links to social media, evidence of traction/outreach (in description of video).

Email your Youtube link to: dagans@syr.edu